We at Community Rental Car understand that sometimes life leaves you without a reliable form of transportation. Fortunately, we provide reliable and cheap weekly and monthly long-term car rentals to the Winston-Salem, NC, area. No need to be reliant on friends, family, public transportation, or ride sharing companies. Our team strives to provide the highest quality of customer service with our hassle-free rentals. Contact us at (336) 448-2905, or request a quote online.

We’ve Got You Covered

Being without a vehicle can be a stressful experience. Our team at Community Rental Car strives to make your long-term rental process as easy as possible by including all maintenance on your rental vehicle. In fact, we require our customers to come in every 30 days to re-sign their contract and so we can perform proper maintenance on the vehicle including, but not limited to, oil changes, tire rotations, etc. You can rest assured that your vehicle is well maintained and up-to-date on regular service.

Affordable Monthly & Weekly Rental Options

If life leaves you without access to a reliable vehicle, look no further than Community Rental Car. We provide cheap monthly and weekly car rental options so that you don’t have to rely on others to get you around. In addition to our long-term car rentals, we provide compact, full-size, and debit and cash car rentals to Winston-Salem, NC, and surrounding areas including Winston-Salem and Greensboro. Do you have any further questions about our process or rental vehicles? Take a look at our helpful FAQ’s. Contact us by calling (336) 448-2905, or request a quote online.