Here at Community Rental Car, we like taking relaxing summer road trips. However, the summer heat is especially tough on vehicles, so it’s essential to make sure your car is up to the task before you head out. Before you leave the house, remember to perform these simple auto maintenance tasks to avoid having a breakdown or any trouble on the road.

Car Maintenance Tips for the Summer

Brakes and Tires

Although wear and tear is a normal part of a vehicle’s life, some things become more dangerous as they age. For instance, tires can be quite dangerous for drivers if they are not functioning properly. Tires that are old, out of alignment, or incorrectly inflated can cause inconvenient flats or even accidents. Before you start driving, check the pressure in your tires, or have a nearby repair shop do it for you. Have them also check your brakes and brake pads while you’re there because it’s easy for these things to go overlooked until an issue has already developed.

Oil and Fluids

Although oil changes should typically be conducted every 7,500 miles, not all car owners follow this advice. Regular oil changes are essential to keeping your engine properly lubricated, reducing the amount of friction it produces. Oil changes also get rid of dirt and debris, which, in turn, helps your engine run better. To be extra cautious, you should also frequently check the fluid levels in your transmission, brakes, and windshield wipers.

Wipers and Lights

While we’re on the subject of windshield washer fluid, your windshield wipers may also need to be replaced as they experience a lot of wear and tear. Although there is a lot of sunshine in North Carolina throughout the summer, there can also be violent thunderstorms and heavy rain. If you’re driving and come across a severe downpour, you’ll need windshield wipers you can rely on. Additionally, it’s wise to check headlights, brake lights, and signal lights every once in a while. It’s much easier to swap these out when the weather is nicer.

Should you run into issues with your vehicle, Community Rental Car has you covered. We have car rentals, van rentals, SUV rentals, and truck rentals available depending on your needs. Contact us today at (336) 448-2905 to request a quote.