When planning a vacation, there are a lot of things to consider. After making reservations, buying necessities, and packing the bags, you are probably exhausted. But have you considered how you will get to your destination? If your family car is less than reliable or a little too small for all of your needs, don’t stress! Community Rental Car has a full fleet of cars, trucks, vans, and SUVs for rent that can get you where you need to go.

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When Fuel Efficiency Matters Most

If you are hitting the road on your own or plan to travel lightly, then a compact or full-size car might be right for you! Compact cars are among the most fuel efficient models on the road and are typically the least expensive to rent. For a little more leg and storage room, we also offer full-size car rentals. While you might sacrifice a bit of fuel efficiency, you’ll still find that our full-size cars are a great, economical choice for light travelers and small groups.

Versatility Is Important

If you need more power and versatility from your vehicle, a truck or SUV rental is the way to go. Our truck rentals are perfect for towing campers and hauling gear. Likewise, SUVs provide ample storage space and leg room for small groups. Trucks and SUVs are perfect for a cruise down the highway or a trek into the mountains. Both types of vehicles offer power, safety, and maneuverability that you won’t find in a car or van.

Comfort and Storage

A minivan rental is hard to beat for long trips. With spacious captain’s seats and a folding third row, vans offer space and comfort for everyone. Vans are also rather fuel-efficient compared to SUVs with similar seating capacities.

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Before you hit the road on your next family vacation, make sure you have the right vehicle for the job. With convenient locations in Winston-Salem and Winston-Salem, Community Rental Car has the perfect vehicle for your journey. And if credit is a problem, don’t worry! We offer cash car rentals so that all of our customers can enjoy a hassle-free rental experience. To reserve a rental car, contact us today at (336) 448-2905 or request a rental quote online.