For months now, you’ve been carefully planning out the details of your North Carolina vacation. You’ve researched attractions and accommodations, and now you are turning your attention to car rentals. You’ve been perusing our rental options, but making the decision leaves your head a bit hazy. Just how do you select the right car? With these few tips from our crew at Community Rental Car, you can find just the right vehicle for your getaway.

Car Rental Tips1. Set your budget.

Before you start looking at makes and models, it’s good to know how much of your vacation budget you can afford to spend on a car rental. You don’t want to fall in love with a deluxe SUV if you have an economy car budget.

2. Consider your passengers.

How many people are coming on vacation with you? Is it just you and a friend, or do you have an entire family in tow? Be sure to choose a vehicle that gives everyone in your group a seat and plenty of elbow room to be comfortable. If you want to have maximum space, then our minivans or SUVs may be your best bet.

3. Don’t forget storage.

You may be able to fit your family in a full-size car, but will you have enough space for all your luggage? When choosing a rental car, don’t forget to take your luggage (or any souvenirs you plan to pick up) into account.

4. Take fuel efficiency into account.

Before you make a reservation, be sure to check the average fuel economy for that make and model. If a particular minivan gets better gas mileage than an SUV, then you may decide that it’s a better rental option for you.

Hopefully, these suggestions helped you tip the scale in a particular rental direction. However, if you still need some help choosing the right car, contact Community Rental Car today at (336) 448-2905. We can help you make a decision and get you one step closer to vacationing in Winston-Salem, Greensboro, or the greater Winston-Salem, NC, area.


photo credit: public domain via pixabay