If you are planning to travel this holiday season, do so in the safest way possible: in a private rental car. Community Rental Car offers a fleet of clean, meticulously maintained car rentals that are perfect for all of your holiday travel needs. Whether you plan to transport family to and from the airport or drive cross-country, we have the right vehicle for you.

Car Rental for End-of-Year Travel Plans

Airport Transportation

If you have loved ones flying in this holiday season, show them how much you care with a spacious van rental. Your guests will love riding home from the airport in comfort! Plus, minivans offer plenty of space for luggage and belongings.

Fuel-Efficient Travel Options

Alternatively, if you plan on driving to your holiday destination, an eco-friendly car rental is a great choice! Compact car rentals save you money at the time of rental and at the pump. Community also offers an array of full-size car rentals for those who require more storage space and leg room.

Rentals That Go in the Snow

The end of the year brings unpredictable weather. Don’t let snow stop your travel plans. Instead, reserve an SUV rental from Community. SUV rentals offer comparable space to minivans, but with more power and better drivability. Plus, many of our SUV rentals are equipped with all-wheel drive, making holiday travel even safer. Additionally, we also offer all-wheel drive truck rentals.

Renting Is the Best Option for Holiday Travel

For long distance travel, renting is often less expensive than driving your own vehicle. Drivers must consider the wear and tear that traveling puts on their car: long distance travel increases your car’s mileage and exacerbates any existing problems. Plus, isn’t it nice to know you will be driving a fully-insured rental car through ice and snow, rather than your own personal vehicle? And, you can count on a rental car to be safe and reliable; Community is meticulous about repairs and maintenance.

Request a Quote

Take advantage of our hassle-free rental process, and discover how easy and inexpensive renting a vehicle can be. To learn more about renting a car for your end-of-year travels, contact Community at (336) 448-2905, or request a quote online now. With locations in Winston-Salem and Winston-Salem, we proudly serve Greensboro and beyond.