Did a recent accident leave you without a vehicle? Don’t panic. Community Rental Car offers cheap car rentals to clients in Winston-Salem and Winston-Salem. We work with private renters as well as insurance companies to provide fast, affordable car rentals to those who need them most.

How to Secure a Car Rental After an Accident

What To Do After an Accident?

Car accidents are stressful, but obtaining a replacement rental car doesn’t have to be. After an accident, the first step is to determine who was at fault and file a claim accordingly. Then, you’ll need to contact a nearby auto body repair expert to schedule repairs for your vehicle. In the meantime, you’ll need to secure a car rental to replace your damaged vehicle.

Will Insurance Cover a Car Rental?

If you pay for rental car reimbursement as part of your monthly auto insurance plan, your insurance company will cover the cost of a car rental up to the coverage limits in your policy. Once you’ve hit your policy’s limit, you will have to pay out-of-pocket for the remainder of the replacement car cost until your vehicle is returned to you. Alternatively, if the accident was caused by another driver, their insurance company should pay for your replacement vehicle. 

No Insurance? No Problem!

If your auto insurance policy does not include rental reimbursement coverage, you will have to pay out-of-pocket for a car rental. Fortunately, Community Rental Car offers cheap car rentals that help drivers get back on the road quickly and affordably. Our growing fleet includes an assortment of quality compact carsfull-size carstrucksSUVs, and vans for rent, all at great rates.

Request a Quote!

Community Rental Car will work directly with your insurance agency to provide a fast, affordable car rental when you need it most. Plus, we offer competitive rates on all of our rental cars so our clients get the most use out of their coverage. For more information about renting a car, call (336) 448-2905, or request a quote online.