COVID-19 pandemic aside, holiday travel can be stressful. A tighter budget, expense planning, and dealing with kooky family members can take their toll. But as time marches on, many people continue to live life to the best of their ability. One of the ways people do this is by persisting with travel plans during the holidays. At Community Car Rental, we hope your travel is an excellent, safe experience. To support you in that goal, we present tips to stay safe during your holiday travels. 

How To Survive Your Holiday Travel Experience

Think Ahead

If you plan to spend a lengthy amount of time on the road, you should consider a long-term car rental. Long-term car rentals avoid the extra wear and tear on your car. It also comes in handy if you have a lease, so you don’t add to your mileage limit. Finally, renting an SUV or a van provides plenty of space for everyone to stretch out and relax.

Bring Surprises

Long road trips require patience and planning, especially when traveling with children. To survive your holiday travel, you can always hand the kids a device. However, consider packing a goodie bag as a surprise for the kids as an alternative to screentime. Entice them with snacks and alternative activities, such as road bingo, crayons and paper, and other items to keep them entertained. Then, sit back and smile as you ward off the complaints of boredom with a pleasant surprise…at least for a little while. 

Keep the End in Mind

If you want to survive your holiday travel experience and have peace of mind, do some research before you go. First, choose a GPS map that accounts for road construction, accidents, and other travel delays. You can also set it to avoid toll roads, add-on stops, and more. Next, stay up-to-date with the most recent COVID-19 restrictions in each city and state. Just to be safe, pack extra hand sanitizer and supplies to help you feel comfortable as you go to public spaces with large crowds. 

Take Frequent Breaks

Whether you’re on the road or at a family member’s house, taking quick breaks can make all the difference. Take a cat nap in the afternoon if you need to replenish your energy—unless you’re driving, of course. On the road, take a break every couple of hours to get outside and do some stretching and breathing exercises. These activities will keep your blood oxygenated, well-circulated and help you stay awake and alert.

Make Your Reservations Early

The sooner you reserve a car, the better. People are traveling more in 2021 than last year, and you don’t want to miss out on a car, hotel room, or even a dinner reservation. Don’t want to use a credit or debit card? At Community Rental Car, we even accept cash payment for your rental car reservation. 

Community Rental Car wants your Winston-Salem, NC trip to be a safe and memorable one. We hope you’ve enjoyed these tips to survive your holiday travel, and that following them achieves that goal. Give us a call at (336) 448-2905 to reserve one of our rental cars or get an online quote