Living without a personal vehicle is a very liberating lifestyle that is afforded in many metropolitan areas. In Greensboro, many residents rely on the public transit system to get to and from work. Not having a personal vehicle is a non-issue until life throws you a curve ball and you need one. At Community Rental Car, we provide cost-effective options in a variety of sizes to suit your needs.

Reasons for Your Next Rental Car

When life hands you lemons, let your next rental car help you make lemonade! Check out our options, and allow us to fit you with a personalized mode of transportation.

1. No CarRental Car to the Rescue in Greensboro

Don’t let a lack of a personal vehicle prevent you from traveling to your next destination, near or far. Let us help you get from Point A to Point B with a compact car rental.

2. Your Car Is out of Commission

Is your old, reliable car suddenly not so reliable and needing a few days in the auto body shop for repairs? Secure your short-term or long-term SUV rental to keep you on the road.

3. Your Car Is Too Small

Some chores require larger vehicles. Home improvement projects, carpooling, and moving day are all specific events needing specific transportation. Make the most of your time by renting a vehicle designed to haul cargo. Check out our van or truck rentals to assist in your next move.

4. Your Car Is Too Big

Is your upcoming road trip getting you thinking about affordable vehicles with good fuel economy? Leave the gas guzzler at home, and rent a car. With a full-size car rental, being a road warrior just got more economical.

With affordable rates starting at $29/day, renting a car is the easiest solution to your transportation problems. For help navigating the Winston-Salem, Greensboro, Winston-Salem and surrounding North Carolina areas, request a quote from Community Rental Car at (336) 448-2889.

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