Spring has arrived in Winston-Salem and families all over the state are planning spring and summer vacations with their families. Between North Carolina’s beaches, cities, and scenic nature preserves, there is no shortage of vacation options for your family. However, after you’ve chosen the perfect destination, you will need to select a reliable rental car that will fit your family and make your trip even more comfortable and convenient. Lucky for you, your friends at Community Rental Car have put together a list of three family-favorite car rental options to choose from!

Family Friendly Car Rentals

1. Minivan

When we think “family-friendly” the minivan is always our first choice. These vehicles are simply made for families, especially families with young children. They offer a large seating capacity with room for eight passengers plus room for all the luggage! Additionally, you’ll be able to comfortably stay within your gas budget as our minivan rentals are quite fuel-efficient compared to other large vehicles.

2. SUV

If a minivan doesn’t suit your family’s needs, consider an SUV to ensure an ample amount of space without sacrificing style. Because SUVs are designed to handle more, they are perfect for the family that expects to encounter inclement weather or rougher terrain. After the minivan, the SUV is the most popular vehicle of choice for families and it is not hard to see why. It brings an air of sophistication along with comfort, performance, and function.

3. Compact Car

Finally, if you have a smaller family (three or four members), you would be quite comfortable in a compact car rental. This money-saving option is great for a quick weekend trip, offering you a blend of practicality and convenience. These cars are not only easy to handle and park in busy cities, they’re also suitable for driving across the state to that National Park you’ve been meaning to visit. You and your family will enjoy all the comfort and convenience and be able to stretch your vacation budget much further!

This season, find time to explore a new place with your family and make lasting memories. Make your trip a great success with a rental car from Community Rental Car. Contact us today at (336) 448-2905 or request a quote online.