Now that the final Christmas decorations are put away (we’ll give you a pass on the lights), and the new year is here, it’s time to focus on the next milestone. No, we’re not talking about President’s Day. It’s spring break! Fortunately, there are plenty of great options for spring break in North Carolina. In this post, Community Rental Car reviews four. 

Top 3 Places to Spend Your Spring Break in North Carolina

1. The Beach (Outer Banks)

North Carolina is a coastal state. Therefore, there are plenty of beaches to enjoy. For this post, we highlight the Outer Banks (OBX). Long before the popular teen series took the U.S. by storm, people traveled to this beautiful tourist destination. Nag’s Head and the entire OBX area offer beautiful beaches, plenty of watersports, tours, entertainment, and eateries. Rent a passenger van, stay at a local hotel, resort, or rental property, and delight in what most people do during spring break in North Carolina: the beach. 

2. City Life (Durham)

If city life and urban living are more your speed, Durham city is a great option for you. Durham offers tons of things to do. Hop in the rental car and check out some of the galleries and eateries, or catch a ball game in its walkable downtown city center by day. In the evening, bar-hop your way through lounges and live music venues. If breweries are more your speed, there’s plenty of those, too. Whether you head to the city on a girls’ or guys’ trip or use it as a romantic getaway, you won’t lack things to do and places to enjoy in Durham.

3. Nature 

North Carolina is home to waterfalls, trails, forests, scenic mountains, wildlife, and all types of natural landscapes. Do you like scenic road trips? Rent an SUV and head down the Blue Ridge Parkway. Do you like hiking and camping? Check out the Appalachian Trail. Do you like parks? Spend some time in Smoky Mountain National Park or any number of state parks in the area. We think you’ll find that a week isn’t near enough time to discover all the nature that North Carolina has to offer. 

4. Attractions

North Carolina offers plenty of galleries, museums, and historical sites. For instance, many people enjoy a tour of the Biltmore Estate. Audio-guided tours take you back through time. Kids enjoy being guided by the family dog. Check out the first indoor swimming pool, the vast estate, and the beautiful mountain views. 

Need a break? You can always play a round of golf, go shopping at an outlet mall or a local boutique, or make a nice spa reservation. Whatever you want, North Carolina surely has something to offer. 

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