At Community Rental Car, we know that sometimes for smaller projects, our customers need something bigger than an SUV or minivan—but not something quite as big as a U-Haul. That’s when a truck rental can save the day. A pickup truck can be just the thing for several projects, whether commercial or personal.

Truck Packed With Furniture
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The open truck bed of a pickup is a DIYer’s best friend, as is the maneuverability. Renting a truck for your various projects is easy, convenient, and safe. Just load up the truck, tie everything down to make sure it’s secured, throw a tarp on if you want, and off you go.

Our customers love renting trucks for towing, deliveries, moving furniture, home improvement projects, small moves, equipment, bulky item transport, hauling boats and sports gear, camping, landscaping projects, and more.

As mentioned before, pickup trucks can maneuver much more easily on narrow streets and into driveways than a big U-Haul can. They handle easily too, which makes them great for deliveries and moving things in small, tight neighborhoods. They are also easier to take onto highways.

Because you can also tow with a truck rental, you don’t have to leave your car somewhere and worry about picking it up later. You can simply drive to rent the truck, hitch up your car to be towed, and be on your way.

Among all of our available rentals, pickup trucks are some of the most popular. They have so many uses and are extremely convenient and helpful.

Need to rent a pickup truck? Locally owned and operated, Community Rental Car is here to help make the process as easy as possible. Conveniently located in Winston-Salem, Community Rental Car serves the Greensboro, and Winston-Salem, NC, areas. For reliable and affordable truck rentals with excellent customer service, call us at (336) 448-2905, or request a quote online now.