North Carolina winters are pretty mild compared to the more northern states. So, if you plan on taking a road trip to visit some family over the holidays, you’ll want to be prepared. Maybe, you should even consider booking an SUV rental or other large vehicle to help navigate the terrain. Here are some recommended items to keep on hand while traveling from the team at Community Rental Car.

What to Bring on a Winter Road Trip

Windshield Scraper and Brush

Winter brings ice and snow, and occasionally a lot of it. You can take in the landscape and drive safely by keeping your windshield and windows clear with an ice scraper; a snow brush is also useful. It could be difficult to use your hand to remove the thick layer of snow that has covered your car. Instead, clear your windows using a snow brush.

Extra Antifreeze

Keep additional windshield wash on hand so you can restock when you run out. Slush gets thrown up on your windshield a lot when driving in snowy conditions, so, you’ll need to clean your windows more often. In order to prevent your windshield from becoming frosted over when you use it, be sure that your wiper fluid can survive winter temperatures. A de-icer can be bought to melt the iced-over windshield. Alternatively, you can use a de-icer beforehand to prevent ice from building up.

Portable Shovel and Kitty Litter or Sand

If you know the area you’ll be traveling through is set to receive a lot of snow, a shovel and some kitty litter or sand can really come in handy. In the event you slide off the road or get stuck in a parking lot, these items can get you back on the road. Use the shovel to dig out the snow from your tires. Then, use the kitty litter or sand to give yourself a little traction on any ice.

Spare Blankets and Clothes

In the unfortunate event that your vehicle breaks down, you’ll definitely want some blankets or extra clothes to keep warm. When temperatures drop below freezing, the interior of your car will get cold fast. You’ll especially want extra blankets if you’re traveling with children.

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