At Community Rental Car, we know life’s curve balls can leave you without a reliable form of transportation. But there is no need to rely on friends, family, public transportation, or ride sharing companies. We offer cheap, reliable long-term car rentals for customers in Winston-Salem and Winston-Salem, NC.


Affordable Long-Term Car Rentals

Weekly and Monthly Long-Term Car Rentals

No matter how long you are in need of a ride, we offer affordable, reliable car rentals to meet your needs. With weekly and monthly rentals options, you will receive the best rates available. Plus, as a family-owned and operated business, we treat our customers as friends. We truly care about your needs, and we will work hard to find a suitable option that meets your budget.

Maintenance Free

With Community Rental Car, you don’t have to sacrifice on quality to receive great rates. We provide safe, reliable vehicles to each of our clients. To keep our cars well-maintained, we require our customers to come in every 30 days for maintenance and to re-sign their rental contract. At this time, we perform proper maintenance on the vehicle including, but not limited to, oil changes and tire rotations, to keep our vehicles in top working order.

Debit Card and Cash Car Rentals

In addition to affordable long-term car rentals, we also offer cash car rentals. We are happy to serve all of our customers, regardless of their credit scores or whether they own a credit card. As one of the only car rental companies in the Winston-Salem area that accepts debit cards and cash, we offer the same rental vehicles and the same easy rental process to all of our customers no matter their chosen payment method. 

Request a Quote

If life leaves you without access to a reliable vehicle, don’t sweat it. Community Rental Car has you covered. We provide cheap monthly and weekly car rental options to meet all of our customers’ needs. Plus, with our selection of compact and full-size car rentals you are sure to find a vehicle that fits your budget. Contact us by calling (336) 448-2905, or request a quote online.