At Community Rental Car, we know that finding an affordable, quality car rental can be a challenge. For customers in need of long-term car rentals or cash car rentals, it is even more difficult! That is why we strive to provide a hassle-free experience for all of our customers in the Winston-Salem, NC, area. Whether you need a car for a weekend get away or a means of travel while your primary vehicle is in the shop, we are happy to provide you with a quality, competitively-priced vehicle.

Long-Term and Cash Car Rentals

Cash Car Rental

As a locally owned and operated family business, we treat every customer like a friend. This sentiment causes us to go the extra mile for all of our customers, even those with poor credit. At Community Rental Car, we don’t care what kind of money you use; we proudly provide the same high-quality rental vehicles at affordable rates to all of our customers, including those who pay with cash or debit cards.

Long-Term Rental

Being without a car is certainly a challenge. This is why we offer reliable and cheap weekly and monthly long-term car rentals. To ensure your safety, we require customers to come in every 30 days to re-sign their contracts and allow us to perform maintenance on the vehicle. You never have to worry about changing the oil or rotating the tires: our seasoned mechanics will keep your vehicle well-maintained and ready for the road.

Rentals for All Types of Travel

At Community Rental Car, we offer an assortment of quality compact carsfull-size carstrucksSUVs, and vans for rent at great rates. Whether you plan to take your vehicle on a family vacation, into the city for business, or use it as your primary mode of transportation for a period of time, we are confident we can find you the right vehicle at the right price. To reserve a vehicle, request a quote online or contact us at (336) 448-2889.